Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Meatball Machine – craptastic ! (cd-r)

I got this cd-r as a trade item. No front \back cover, no contact, no information whatsoever. I was curious and I wanted more information, so I googled it. The only data I found was about a Japanese horror movie released in 2005. I watched the trailer on youtube. It kinda looks and feels like watching `Tetsuo The Iron Man Part 2`.  I love weird movies like that. I have to buy a copy. Now I`m losing it. What was I reviewing here ? Meatball Machine`s Craptastic !  cd. It`s a 21.50 minutes long track of evolutive noisework.  Basically the  noise moves, evolves and mutates in strange ways. I hear a mixture (in no particular order) of: various percussions, metal banging, raw feedback  some movie + machines + computer samples. There`s some near calm moments in between the noise apocalypse. If you`re into static, repetitive, redundant feedback noise, then this baby`s not for you.
              I recently did another search on googgle and discovered that you could download the full album for free at:
Here's also what the cover looks like (pretty funky if you ask me):

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