Friday, 14 December 2012

A letter to a psychic vampire (google it):

The following was written last year before my hip replacement surgery. I feel it's still relevant even today. After all, we all encounter some kinda psychic vampire at least once in our life. Here goes:

A letter to a psychic vampire (google it):
By: Francois Marceau  (27-07-2011)

When I look at you I see we have a couple of things in common. We both come from dysfunctional families, and we have to deal with various shit.
But the similarities stop here. Let me tell you why.
           I come from a dysfunctional family, but it` s still my damn family, weather I like them or not (and that` s irrelevant), I still respect them
because they` re family.
           We have to deal with various shit in life, everybody has to. That` s
life dammit ! The difference is simple. While the only thing you do is
bitch, whine and complain endlessly, I actually try to do something with
me life. Imagine this my man, everyday you limp, use a cane to walk, live
with a degenerative genetic disease. And you know there` s no cure, no treatment, and no operation for this sickness. Sleeping is a luxury for me,
the pain I endure has a tendency to wake me up when I least expect it. Do you often hear me complain about this ?
           Everyday I` m stuck with this crap I just try to deal with it as best as
I can that` s all.
           And another thing, life is short. The only true justice is you will  die
one day and you don` t know when. Our time is limited. As we grow older
time is a luxury we don` t have anymore. Why don` t you try to enjoy it as
much as possible. That` s a  fact Jack !
           Life has good and bad moments. I` m selective I prefer to
remember the good moments they` re more enjoyable indeed. I prefer to remember the last time I got laid than to remember all the other times I got rejected or laughed at because I limp.
           And another thing when you talk about karma. Let me be redundant and repetitive here because it seems to take a hell of a long time for you
to understand anything outside your own limited, little frame of thinking. Karma goes like this: when you throw crap, shit or nastiness in the air it comes back at you with interest brother. When you throw good things
in the air  the goodness also comes back with interest (like the five
hundred dollars I won a couple of weeks ago remember).
            I could talk about you for hours but you` re not worth the effort. I
don` t feel like giving you more fuel i.e. napalm  to feed your negative energy per se. I will make it short and simple. Someone I know thinks
you` re a psychic vampire (always sucking up energy) personally me
think you` re a cockroach. I` m not talking about physical appearance here more like a state of mind. A cockroach thinks like this: if I can` t eat than you
won` t eat either, or if you eat and I don` t I will make sure you will never eat again. Because you` re miserable you have to make people around you feel miserable too. So you won` t feel lonely, with your inner demons, your own little miserable personal hell you seem to cherish, enjoy so much.
Adios !!!     


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  1. The world is filled with the P.V.'s... But only one constantly feeds off the same prey... As a coyote who attacks the same flock of sheep... Or cows... Or other herbivores! Great blast from the past!