Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mick Jagger – invocation of my demon brother (1969) (mp3)

The soundtrack to Kenneth Anger`s short movie. I viewed recently a bunch of Anger`s  flicks. He shot some homo erotic material (not my cup of tea) and some magically oriented stuff (now that`s what we`re talking about). The first time I watched `Invocation of…`I was in awe. What a strange, bizarre piece of art. What ? Mick Jagger recorded the soundtrack ? The singer from The Stones ? What the hell ? This sounds drastically different. It was created using a good, old school Moog synthesizer. After the first listen it sounds like mindless synth noodlings with light noise bursts. But then again, I`ve listened to this numerous times. And what does it sound like ? Ritual ambience maybe (?) mixed with a psychedelic, rhythmic pattern. An evocative, repetitive, hypnotic, psychedelic voyage into dark magick territory. An incredible sonic acid trip, circa 1969.

Obscure album reference here. It sounds a little bit like `Pascal – the sixth ear (1972)` album. The exception ? This baby was recorded earlier in time, indeed. Survey says ? Download this, damn!!!
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