Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Not Portfolio friendly

We are all our worst critics. I`ve been drawing since I was thirteen. I`m forty six years old. That`s thirty three years of artistic creations. Which means I should have a huge portfolio, not. You see, I`m a perfectionist i.e. I`m rarely satisfied with what I create. Be it music, poetry, various writings and drawings. Before, I used to throw away (or sometimes give away) drawings that I didn`t like. I know, throwing out your very own creations sounds terrible, and it is. Now, I`ve made amends, I`ve changed my evil ways. I don`t throw them anymore. Those drawings that won`t make it on my portfolio, I simply store them in a box. I plan on uploading some once in a while. I will let the good folks out there be the judge. This is part one of an ongoing series of God knows what.     
It took me about ten minutes to draw this during my lunch break. Check it out!


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