Friday, 14 December 2012

It`s been a year already ?

On Wednesday, December the 14th 2011, I went to hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont for a hip replacement surgery. They inserted, inside my right hip a six pound metal prosthesis, which looks something like this:

Now, for the folks out there who know me in real life, not on this virtual side, I suffer from a rare genetic and degenerative disease `ankylosing spondylosis`. It`s not deadly, just degenerative i.e. you won`t die from this but it can make your life less bearable (sometimes painful as hell too). This sickness fuses my neck bones and my spine bones together. It limits your mobility and agility per se. There`s no cure, no operation, no treatments for this condition (except painkillers, unfortunately it`s a temporary solution). For some unknown reason, the bone of my right leg is slowly going inside me right hip, causing me to limp. It puts me in terrible pain, sometimes when I  walk, i.e. limp, my hip would make  weird noises, like a creaking wheel.                                                                                
                                About three years ago, my rheumatologist suggested that there was a chance to have a surgery on my right hip (to insert a prosthesis). I got an appointment with an orthopedist and after a scan and some tests he told me that he could definitely perform this operation. I was really happy because I would gain some long lost mobility, I would walk straighter, stop limping and especially have no pain. I was ecstatic, this was a big plus in my life. They put me on twelve months waiting list. It was long but I didn`t care. How long is a year in one person`s life, eh ?                                  
                                The following year I got sick on my birthday. I caught a severe case of infectious cellulites. I was hospitalized for two weeks and was on sick leave for almost two months. I lost my spot on the waiting list for said surgery. The hospital but me on a priority list. A couple of months later performed the surgery (on December 14th 2011). The operation was a complete success. The next step, the healing and rehabilitating process.                                   
                                I was doing physiotherapy exercises in my apartment religiously three times a day, seven days a week. I used a cane to walk, just for personal security (i.e. not to fall on me arse)  reasons. It was a slow, but somewhat regular process. I felt like a turtle, I was improving, nice and slow, nice and slow that`s the way to do it. I was slowly getting there indeed. This lasted three months, more or less (from 14-12-2011 to 19-03-2012). Again, what is three months in one`s life ? Nothing that`s for sure. I just realized when I woke up this morning it`s been a year since the hip surgery. I physically never felt better. How fast does time flies when you`re having fun. A year ? Bah, humbug.                                                                                                     
                                       People are so fucking shallow department. Before the operation I was limping. And at work not too many girls where looking at me. Now, surprise, surprise a lot are looking at the improved, stronger, more technology me. To me those are worthless shallow damsels only interested in what`s outside (looks) and not what`s inside (persona). I`m not angry or pissed off I find this kinda funny in a sarcastic way. Folks like that represent what`s wrong in this so ah, ah, ah modern day and age. Everything, art, love, friendship, is A CONSUMABLE, FlAVOUR OF THE DAY PRODUCT. Until the next fad steps in. Now that`s evolution my brothers and sisters testify and represent indeed.     

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one... Wish you would have posted real pictures of the real deal, but alas... We don't all have access to X-ray cameras! Nice post-op work, if you pardon the pardon, by the way!