Sunday, 30 December 2012

M-31 – untitled (bootleg tape)

I got this as a trade. The only information that I have is that M-31 comes from Florida, USA (didn`t find anything on the internet, yes it`s that obscure). Upon receiving this tape, the first thing I did was to transfer it, edit it and convert it as mp3 files. I enjoy listening to music on me mp3 player on a daily basis. How can I define this album ? It`s simple if you`ve never been exposed to noise before, than this is definitely noisy material indeed. Personally, I would say that this is a mixture of minimal low-fi, cosmic space noise with light darkwave  ambient undertones, uh, what da hell ? That`s exactly what I mean. It feels like I`m passing through a vortex at sublight speed and I`m actually enjoying every seconds of that lil bumpy ride. M-31 recalls at times `Securitron 451 - darkmatter` album. With the exception that it has a darker , more spacy (inside a black hole maybe) sensibility.  There`s 10 tracks on this album (all titled untitled, nice) and they`re all mighty tasty morsels. l include more contact information when I find some, signing off.

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