Monday, 31 December 2012

Satan`s God – human ear poison (cassette)

Captain`s log stardate 11.11.2012 we`re entering Satan`s God zone. We are experiencing some minor turbulences, damn straight. Imagine this we are in 2012. This is the age of communications ( and yet, there`s so many lonely folks out there). Now let me introduce Jeremy Bequette (Satan`s God), he likes: audio tapes, records, VHS tapes and plays NES videogames. Yes you heard me right the old school eight bit videogame system itself. Which means, he hates CD`s, DVD`s, and the internet. Definitely not technology friendly. Hey, I respect that. To each is own. I also respect originality, integrity and doing you`re own thing (without giving a damn about trends and whatnot). The pseudo intellectuals (and wannabe hip bullshitters) would define Satan`s God sound as bass guitar wankings and noodlings. Me think he`s more into bass experimentations and improvisations with noisy undertones (now that`s really intellectual, donations of free beers are accepted here). I heard a lot of his recordings over the years. Unfortunately, I`m not a fan. I`ve said it before, I`m blasé because I heard  a lot of similar sounding material before. But this time around, I`m impressed. I think he recorded a masterpiece of evil bass modulations \ improvisations \ experimentations. This is dark stuff. I heard this with my headphones on (full volume) an I was feeling  a cold shiver running down my spine. Contact here:               
Jeremy Bequette, PO Box 190, Belleville, Illinois, 62222., USA.

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