Sunday, 16 December 2012

Meatball Machine – live at undergrounds coffee house 23-06-2012 (bootleg tape)

An amazing (but too short for my taste) , 32.57 minutes Meatball Machine live performance. It starts off with low-fi static, slowly becoming more and more distorted, then the beats kick in. And boy do they fucking kick in. We hear loud percussions (kinda techno, nearly hip hop, but mostly gabber territory) mixed with some distortion and some unidentified movie samples, nice. It feels like a rollercoaster ride, damn, it never stops. The concert lasts for the first 27 minutes. Then we`re treated with some right wing religious crap, just what the doctor ordered. It defines  (for me) what all organized religions represent. The exploitation of humans by humans for control purposes. A few celebrities attended the concert. And here`s what they had to say:   
`The last call of human technology going haywire` (Sicko & Eggdog).
`Bollocks! Got some smack ?` (Sid Vicious)
`HOOO WHAT A RUSHHH, in ma head` (Hawk)
`Shoulda stayed in rehab` (Amy Winehouse)
 `Where`s  my  shotgun?` (Kurt Cobain)

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