Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer rising soundtrack and sessions (CD)

This is a compilation of Bobby Beausoleil`s various incarnations i.e. bands. There`s  some material from The Orkustra (his first band),  The Magick Powerhouse of Oz (two tracks) and  The Freedom Orchestra. A lot of material was recorded in the sixties and you can feel da vibe indeed. And no, it doesn`t sound like The Beattles (during their psychedelic period) and it doesn`t sound either like a tainted version of Iron Butterfly`s `In a gadda da vida`. Upon listening to this, I was pleasantly surprised. There`s some amazing stuff in there. I doesn`t sound dated at all (insert here a bunch of progressive rock bands _______ ). And what can we expect ? 

There`s 22 instrumental tracks which offers a good variety of styles. You will hear some instrumental \ psychedelic rock with ritualistic undertones, some minimal electronics, spacy rock songs (with horns included), a good pile of psychedelic jam sessions. You can feel some influences at work here: Sun Ra, Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett period), Walter Carlos and some Ennio Morricone (yes, it`s that good).  A double CD album courtesy of Arcanum Records (2004). Highly recommended if you ever manage to find this forgotten gem. Kaplaw!!!       


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