Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tree – schizophrenic architecture (mp3)

I got this from www.archives.org (along a couple of GO of various cool freebies). This is a 13 track album of tape recorder and live recordings of Tree (Josh Boutwell) recorded by hand at Steele Grinder, Fort Myers, Florida, USA. After reading said description, I was really curious so I downloaded it right away. I`m a sucker for low-fi stuff, homemade recordings, improvised insanity, well anything that`s different i.e. out there. You won`t find any Michael Jackson, Beattles or Celine Dion in my music collection that`s for sure. Every tract in here  has it`s own style and personality. A difficult , challenging listen to say the least. This album is experimental noise which rarely goes into harsh noise territory. There`s the occasional noise burst here and there, but that`s it. There`s a  good variety of sounds mixed-in to keep this recording interesting. Personaly, I like this lil `(46.28 minutes) album. The standout track is number 9 `the Burmese cynic` a short acoustic noisy blues jam session, simply excellent. Get it here:

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