Monday, 7 January 2013

Pangrea project - 4 way split (bootleg tape)

What I`d like to have right now is for all you fat and ugly commercial music lovers to shut da hell up while I take my robe off and show the women what a real noiser looks like (all jokes aside, respect to the Ravishing one). This is a short (37.06 minutes long) four way noise split featuring: Trotsky`s Water Cooler, J. Thelonious, Mike Canary and Balck Beast Of Arrrghhh. I enjoyed listening to this, yes it`s noise but it never goes into redundant, repetitive harsh noise territory (definitely a plus). And what can we expect form those fine folks ? Well, it goes something like this:
Trotsky`s Water Cooler = one track (10.17 minutes) = metal banging mixed with distortion (ouch my balls).                                                
J.Thelonious = two tracks = computer generated noise works + percussions (gimme some more).
Mike Canary = five tracks = vibrating low-fi \ sometimes harsh distortion with percussive noisy elements and some computer generated noisy moments thrown in for good measure (now we`re getting somewhere).
Black Beast Of Arrrghhh = one track (9.52 minutes) = a solid mix of: guitar, piano, bass and low-fi distortion (mighty impressive to say the least). I highly recommend this if you can find it. I found nothing on the internet yet (me think it comes from Florida, USA). Testify!

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