Friday, 4 January 2013

Dollmeat – rabid (bootleg tape)

From Tampa Bay, Florida, USA comes the lovely \ wild \ strange \ bizarre Dollmeat. I got this as a trade. It says that the music is experimental, gothic and other (me think the real definition is out there). This mini album (22.50 minutes) is a mix of voice, low- fi voice, screams, minimal electronics (with ambient undertones), percussions, percussive noise, violin, found sound mixed with lots of unidentifiable samples. The vox is the instrument of choice here. It generates, creates the mood and the ambience all along the listen. I can feel consciously or unconsciously various influences at work: This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Aghast (track 3), and GREENman (PPFR era, on track 4). This is not a user friendly album. Normality is so boring (insert here your flavor of the day, forgettable, one hit wonder band or artist), so I really like this. This is original because Dollmeat does her own thing and doesn`t seem to follow trends. This album is scary, it`s a  non stop scary, hazy, schizophrenic hellride. It would be the perfect soundtrack to Nekromantic and Guinea Pig movies, yes it`s that good. And it`s true, it`s damn true. More info on her website:


  1. I may not particularly enjoy ALL of her audio material (albeit is rather interesting to say the least!), her visual amalgamic interpretation of her aural sensibilities does add intrigue to her mystique! Good job there, Frank (and don't hesitate to post more pictures of her!)

  2. Babydoll of DOLLMEAT here-all I can say is, WOW. What an incredibly flattering review, this made my millenium, thanks so much for writing it, I am truly touched by this! There is more to come-the forthcoming album is tentatively titled "Vorare" and you can hear the first single off of it, "Devour" as well as much more new DOLLMEAT tracks and even an interview I did with the Awesome Rob Demperio of Lumpytunes,96.5 lpFM Sarasota FL, 34234 here- as well as lyrics, photos and updates, and check out A music video for "Dreams of Ice" and much more including live performances here: and here!/pages/Dollmeat/117821084932077,and more of my modeling/photographic work uncensored here :
    Thanks again, Cannibal Kisses-Babydoll of DOLLMEAT xoxoxo <3