Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Uh - big badass lathe (cassette)

I never heard of The Uh before. But then again, when you`re writing reviews concerning non commercial music you always discover new stuff. That`s the fun and challenging part of my work. This is a two song mini noise album. And what the hell does it looks \ sounds like ? Here goes:
1- `it will get you where you want to be` (13.50 minutes). This is an epic, relentless attack of the senses. This is some heavy (grungy in a loose and improvised way), aggressive, angry highly pissed-off  guitar and \ or distortion pedal noise. Ouch my ears!!!
2-  `absoluteinsane 3`(14.02 minutes). Things start off with some heavy metal guitar which easily goes into extreme harsh noise territory. Not an easy listening experience. It recalls Merzbow` s all out old school noise attack. Damn, my ears are bleeding, I need some nice, relaxing ambient darkwave to heal my wounds (Schloss Tegal anyone ?). Info here:
They` re also part of the Saint Petersburg Institute of noise, check it out:

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