Thursday, 25 August 2016

Moonstar – Dupont (CD)

When I was a young one. I would go to a record store and buy an album from a band / artist I never heard of before (out of sheer curiosity). I`ve made some amazing discoveries (Gang Of Four, Yellow Magic Orchestra) and some horrible finds (Art Zoyd, New York Dolls). It`s a hot and humid Sunday afternoon. I`m at Renaissance Montréal, looking at their huge second hand CD section. I pick up this album by Moonstar. Never heard that name before. I look inside the sleeve my spider sense is tingling. It feels like electronic music. Anyways for two dollars, what the heck. That afternoon I purchased eight CDs and five DVDs. I`m sitting home, I open up a cold beer and sit down. Now let`s see what Moonstar sounds like. I hit the play button. Let the games begin. There`s sixteen semi-instrumental tracks. I couldn`t find any standout pieces here. It`s so good, every song is standout material. The music is an potent / infectious mix of jazz, broken beats, electronic, break beats, chill out, IDM, going sometimes into lo-fi territory. The arrangements are subtle. The perfect soundtrack for a hot summer day (sangria and company not included). More information here:

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