Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Various Artists – Protos Orofos – 1 (CD)

This is a compilation (10 tracks = 57.20 minutes) of bands which played live at 1ος Όροφος, in Thessaloniki, Greece, from Nov 2007 to Apr 2009. There`s a good variety of styles at work here: IDM (Wickid Culture Dance Orchestra), experimental electronic (Leaf , Vague), psychedelic rock (Vialka,Κεντρική Ψύξη), post rock (Experimental Souvenir, Esprit de Corps), electronic (Emdy), a free out there jam session (Fun With Nuns), and minimal electronics (PS Stamps Back & Mono.tonik). A couple of songs simply took my head off.
3 – Vialka – premier pas (6.37 minutes) = Pink Floyd circa Syd Barrett + The Byrds + Cocteau Twins if that`s a possibility.
7 – Emdy – tallxier (4.58 minutes) = intense electronic / techno crossover with some nice break beats as well.

9 - PS Stamps Back & Mono.tonik – nullbaby (10,21inutes) = beautiful 
nearly ambient minimal electronic music with experimental undertones. 
Limited edition of 1000 copies. This baby`s probably sold out. 
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