Thursday, 25 August 2016

Robert Wallace – 3 albums on 1 disc (CD)

Robert Wallace (hot & ready records) started transferring his cassettes on CD. I like tapes but I told him that tapes (also VHS) after numerous listens tend to lose sound and also break up. A CD lasts longer. You can even convert your audio as mp3 files and put them on an external drive or a backup CD / DVD, just in case (better be safe than sorry). Robert send me this CD, a three way albums split (44 songs):
1 – Not much of an excuse.
2 – Gross dummy.
3 – Obah Shaquille part V (parts of).
I`ve been listening to this CD all week long. It is oh so excellent. The music oscillates between lo-fi, bedroom pop (à la Eric`s Trip), indie, weird psychedelic pop and experimental sound collage. I like it and you should. Highly recommended. Send real cash to:
R. L. Wallace
2700 White Avenue # 3
95973                                                                                                   USA

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