Saturday, 15 October 2016

Alan Lamb – original masters – night passage (CD)

Alan Lamb`s born in 1944 in Edinburgh, Scotland. In his childhood, he joined a choir and played piano privately (8 to 17 years old). Nowadays he`s a biomedical research scientist. He likes to experiment with the wind, using at times wind organ, singing wires, or hang wooden / metal rods, tubes and hang them by string from the wires. Then the wind activates it, thus creating sounds and nearly random rhythms. Original masters is his third effort. It came out on Dorobo in 1998. Dorobo was a post-industrial record label run by Darrin Verhagen (Shinjuku Thief) between 1992 up until 2004. You will hear the following three pieces
1 – Night passage (24.51 minutes) = stars off peacefully with lo-fi rhythms, moves slowly into noisier droning, loud ambient noise, random loud rhythmic moments and minimal noise.
2 – Last anzac (12.54 minutes) = a random aural joyride ambient noise / drones / loud ambience / sonic minimalism.
3 – Meditation on spring 8 (12.11 minutes) = shifting slowly between loud droning ambience and peaceful minimal soundscapes, majestic. Fans of harsh noise will hate this. People who hate noise might like this. An interesting and challenging listen. Recommended if you want to try something different (if you can find it).

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