Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Various – 2003 hands (double CD)

I`ve been hearing this all weeklong. A massive (double CD) and impressive compilation from the fine folks at Hands productions from the land of Kraftwerk Germany. There`s 10 artists / bands doing three tracks each = 30 songs. You will hear tracks from Orphx, Klinik, Needle Sharing VS Squaremeter, Winterkalte, Placid, Ah Cama-Sotz, Synth-Etik, Ms Gentur, 5f_55 and Ms Mono. Some of those artists are known others wallow in obscurity. This compilation covers all types of obscure / underground (not for me folks) music styles; dark electronic music, industrial, ambient noise, electronic, experimental, noise, dark techno, rhythmic noise, drum & noise and lo-fi minimalism. Standout material by Orphx, dark electronics meet ambient noise with a dash of experimentations left and right. Good stuff. Details here: http://www.handsproductions.com

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