Saturday, 15 October 2016

Osman Arabi – burning sigils (CD)

Osman Arabi is a guitarist, music producer and sound designer from Tripoli – El mina, Lebanon. Burning sigils is his first album. It came out in 2008, on fractured spaces records. FSR was a label focusing on various types of underground music: industrial, dark ambient, dark folk, drone, martial, noise. They released six albums before calling it quits in 2010. This album consists of a single track titled burning sigils (38.25 minutes). It is a long piece of ambient electronic music with evolving repetitive, yet highly hypnotic percussions. The percussions gives the track a ritualistic feel. It`s relaxing, meditative and also addictive. It feel like a toned down version of Muslimgauze. I like this a lot, Fans of Muslimgauze will definitely enjoy this album. Contact:

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