Friday, 6 May 2016

Hirshima Yeah! # 133 March 2016 (zine)

A photocopied, cut & paste, black & white Monthly six pager. We open things up with poetry and `the spinning particles of need`. Standout poems this time around are:
The place I left
Even though I know the area
And have been coming here for years,
It still feels like I`m on holiday.
The people, the streets, the pubs
All seem new and exciting,
Minus the drudgery
Of the place I left.
But I know it`s an illusion.
And I know it won`t last.
Because, honestly, what does?
All the words
All the words I write
Seem pointless.
Morrissey summed it up
With `I want the one
I can`t have
And it`s driving me mad`.
That says it all.
If you need to take drugs
To appreciate a particular
Type of music
Then maybe the music
Wasn`t all the good
In the first place.
Poetry to my ears. Amazing stuff to say the least. There`s some music, concert (Bob Mould, The liquid Room, Edinburgh, 08-02-2016), DVD and book reviews. Next in line, there`s our regular contributors; `13.82 billion years in hell ` (Gary Simmons strange musings / ramblings), `Cukewelde! Cukeweld! Cukeweld!` (Gary Simons / Jim MacDougall / Mark Ritchie three-way texting affair) and `Doctor Thornaby `(it makes sense not to make sense). We end things up with a shorty from Mark Ritchie `after the party ` and a `Cthulhu`s midlife crisis `single panel comic from one Fran├žois Marceau. Contact:
Mark Ritchie
94 Main Street
ML11 8AB

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