Thursday, 12 May 2016

Poetry of the day

The meaning of life
(François Marceau 12-05-2016)
As I get older
Time seems to move faster
I wake up, it`s Monday
And now, we`re Friday
The weekend is near
And my only fear
Is to run out of beer…

Not a team player
(François Marceau 12-05-2016)
There`s this guy, he`d give you the jitters
His name was Smithers
He would give old Hoss
That`s the name of his boss
His daily blowjob
Old Hoss couldn`t keep an erection
He was impotent
As a bonafide rodent
Smithers never got that promotion
And he lost his job
Now he`s homeless and sucking cock
Just to make a daily buck
You know this ain`t funny
But there`s a lesson to be learned from that story
You`ll never get ahead
By giving head…

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