Friday, 6 May 2016

Various - 1 Minute Autohypnosis Sex War Noise Faith White Truth Light Europe Death Seed Red (mini CD)

The idea is simple you send Pedro Bericat (Mute Sound) a music piece which is a minute and less. He accepts any music style. When he has enough material, he releases it on a mini CD. Every participant gets his / her own copy. You can then download if you want every compilation released. If you`re curious about Minimal Frank / Flesh For Franks material, I`m on a couple of those mini CDs. There`s sixteen tracks exploring various music styles: experimental noise (Evgenij V. Kharitonov, Combat 23, Geronimo Ararat, Mannequin Holocaust and Wayne Mason), angry lo-fi punk (Fernando Rodriguez), strange experimental sounds (Juan Italiano, Kerry Pullo, David Prescott Steed, Andres Ostberg, and Jay Reeve), weird space ambience (The Noisettes) ambient noise (Christopher Delaurenti and Jan-M Iversen), and harsh noise (Daniel Steefy). This is an amazing promotional tool for the independent, fringe, weird, outsider musician / noiser out there. Are you man / woman enough to send Pedro your own contribution? Just do it snail mail style: 
Pedro Bericat
P.O.BOX 4033
Or just virtually here;

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