Thursday, 16 June 2016

Hiroshima Yeah| # 136 – June 2016 (zine)

Whenever I get something by mail, which is not some bills or publicity, it makes my day. I sit down, open a cold beer and start reading my monthly intake of HY! (This issue has six pages crammed with goodies). We open things up with poems by `a bitter old fuck `. My favorite pieces this time around are
I spend my time
In libraries,
Graveyards and pubs.
And other cities of the dead.
`Are you happy? `she asks.
`I`m never happy `I reply.
`Why is that? `
I smile, shrug.
If I could answer that…
And finally
Reasons to hate
I think of reasons to hate you,
In an attempt to make it easier.
But the ache never ends.
Mark you are a talented poet and writer. We have some music, book and concert (Father John Misty, academy, Glasgow, 12-05-2016) reviews. There`s our monthly dose of `13.82 billion years in hell ` (Gary Simmons strange, cryptic, psychotic, antisocial / social comments), and `fuck Chrissie! ` (Mark Ritchie + Gary Simmons texting madness). We end all this with `Rex`s blues `, a nice shorty from mark himself. Contact:

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