Monday, 13 June 2016

Independent Compilation 2 (CD)

This album was bought by a good friend of mine at the Montréal écocentre (google it) for a dollar. He gave me a couple of those CDs as a gift. This is a huge compilation (27 bands = 75.53 minutes). The music is on the heavy, the intense side of things. It`s a mixture of various music styles alternative rock, nu metal, funk metal, punk, melodic hardcore, ska. Death metal and downright brutal hardcore. It feels like an international compilation. There`s bands from France
-L`esprit Du Clan
-Tagada Jones
-No Place For Soul
-Mass Hysteria
-Burning Heads
-Seven Hate
-Yo Pizza Jump
-Black Bomb A
-Vulgar Deli
-Noxious Enjoyment
-Contra Legem
-La Ruda Salska
-Toxic Waste
-Freedom for King Kong
-Satanic Surfers
This compilation came out in 2002. Most of these bands are still active today. Punk`s not dead folks. It`s definitely alive and kicking, even today.

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