Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lab Findings # 5 (zine)

A couple of weeks ago I sent Dr. Bill a couple of Mastock newsletters. He send me Lab Findings # 6 (his most recent issue). I loved it. I reviewed it, and I sent him more copies of the Mastock newsletter. I got a small parcel last night. The good doctor Bill didn`t have time to finalize LF#7 so he send me issue #5. This one is a 8.5 by 11, black & white, printed zine (6 pages this time around). Let`s start with the postal rundown section. It is a huge list of mail contacts (44 to be precise) for mail art, collage artists, homemade postcards, traders, and some zines as well. There`s also the letter comment section. While reading this I discovered I`m not the only one who likes shopping at thrift stores. I purchased some rare, cool and cheap CDs / DVDs there. I bought in no particular order;                                                                                   A- Best of Troma Dance Volume 4 DVD = 4.00$                            B- The Throne Of Drones Compilation CD = 2.00$ (sold out and rare).                                                                                                -C-DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Necropolis: The Dialogic Project CD = 0.50 (my favorite illbient / electronic album).  
We have some articles about little free libraries (I would love to see this in Montréal), the midnight movies era and afterword. This zine is an amazing read. Feel free to contact Doctor Bill at:
Kobb Labs
P.O.Box 30231
32503                                                                                           USA

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