Thursday, 16 June 2016

Mark Ritchie & Pete Coward (chapbook)

I`m so happy to receive this. I`d prefer a book but a split chapbook with Mark Ritchie will do. In case you didn`t know Mark does this amazing, black & white, cut & paste monthly zine titled `Hiroshima Yeah! `. He writes short, witty poems. I was always hoping an editor would publish his poems. No one did. He decided to self-publish which is often the best option. To give the devil his dues, we start with `poems from Glasgow `. there`s 14 poems from Mark. They`re all great but my favorite one is
Silence sometimes
There is silence sometimes,
But it is all too rare.
When it fall upon you, the
World seems to be holding it`s
And in the red corner, I mean on the other side we get treated with `poems from London `. Pete Coward (a sometimes Hiroshima Yeah! Contributor) writes 13 short stories / poems. Good stuff, check this one out
Not dead yet
How do you not die?
Someone asked me once
After a few days
Intimate acquaintance
A few years later
I still have no answers for her
And am still
Not dead
Believe me,
It`s not for want of trying.
Damned this is good stuff. Contact: Send him a donation, pay him a pint, don`t just stand there do something. This I command. 



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