Monday, 13 June 2016

Robert Wallace – gross dummy (cassette)

I got this from the same chap who sent me `The Crash Hounds Of America – brown thoughts` cassette. This is a slightly short tape (19 tracks = 29.30 minutes). A lo-fi recording made with synthesizers, beats (various banging), some type of voice / singing, acoustic and at times distorted electric guitar. I like the lo-fi aesthetics at work here. The music sounds like a mix between Eric`s Trip (the lo-fi bedroom pop), Suicide (minimal synth lines) and The Byrds (a subtle slightly psychedelic pop sensibility). This is good non-commercial, independent, underground music. My standout tracks of the moment are:
11 – Island life # 2 (2.23 minutes) = percussions / banging, meets some singing, with distorted guitar works. It sounds like Sonic Youth unplugged).
14 – Do I look like my dad (0.22 seconds) = a short & sweet minimal ambient interlude. Contact:
Hot & Ready records
2700 White Ave. #3

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