Friday, 6 January 2017

Alice and the serial numbers – obit (CD)

Alice and the serial numbers is a one-woman electronic music band. Alice Bernier uses samplers, synthesizers, sequencers, guitars and computers. She works with a laptop computer and midi controllers when she performs live. Obit which came out in 2003 is her second album (10 tracks = 39.44 minutes). I think I have a copy of her first album titled Mission_01 lying somewhere at my place. Upon hearing this CD, I would love to see her live. The music is a mix of electronic an electro which sometimes feels / goes into old 8-bit videogame music territory (anybody out there remembers the NES?). Like any artist, some influences come to mind here: Oeuf Korreckt, Visage, Human League, Robot Boulanger, I am robot and proud and Kraftwerk. A good album with lots of groovy, dance floor grooves. Groovy robotic electro with some nice hooks and a human touch. Standout tracks are:
2 – La musique artistique (4.05 minutes) = amazing retro techno à la Kraftwerk.
10 – Serial numbers rocks (3.47 minutes) = rock and roll electro style baby! Good stuff. Some info here:

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