Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Plastikman – recycled plastic (CD)

If I would do a list of my top ten electronic music albums of all time, among my top five I would include Plastikman`s consumed CD. That seminal minimal techno album came out in 1998 and it still sounds good / fresh / relevant today. I got lucky recently one of my good buddies gave me a bunch of CD`s he wanted to throw away. I`m always up for free music. This is Plastikman`s third album (it came out in 1994, on NovaMute). The music is a mixture of electronic, techno and acid with a good dose of minimalism. It took me some listening to like it. It sounds like a rough draft from the album `consumed `and it could be. Consumed was his follow-up release. You can hear / feel the influences at work and he took it to the next level. My standout track is
1 – Krakpot (11.13 minutes) = a long, slightly warped minimal acid techno. Definitely not dancefloor oriented. Recommended to those pill-popping folks out there. Here`s my favorite top ten electronic music albums (in no particular order);
Techno Animal – re-entry
Lull – continue
Coil – how to destroy angels
Schloss Tegal – the soul extinguished
Schloss Tegal – oranur III the third report
Iron Halo Device – the collapsing void
Lustmord – the monstrous soul
Lustmord – the place where the black stars hang
Kraftwerk – the man-machine
David Kristian - synaesthesia                                                         
Oh, did I stutter? Everybody got all quiet & shit? All of a sudden it`s quiet as a church. I like this and you should. Their ain`t no coming back. The end.

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