Friday, 13 January 2017

Ø + Noto – mikro makro (CD)

A rather short split CD (4 tracks = 41.01 minutes) with Ø (Mika Vainio aka Panasonic, Finland) and Noto (Carsten Nicolai from Germany). If you`re into synth-pop, chill-out, electronica, techno, electro or any type of song oriented electronic music you`ll hate this album. Then, if you`re into the finer things like ambient darkwave, noise, musique concrete, electroacoustic, ambient noise , abstract and experimental, you will dig this. An uneasy listening experience to say the least. A rewarding one that`s for sure. This is good, real good. Here`s a brief description.
1 - Ø – untitled (12.30 minutes) = elements of silence + lo-fi drones + short noise bursts = minimalism never felt so damned good.
2 – Noto – untitled (10.04 minutes) = minimal rhythmic drones, a nice meditative piece.
3 - Ø – untitled (11.54 minutes) = drones + static + some silence + short noise bytes = outer worldly beautiful.
4 - Noto – untitled (6.33 minutes) = droning frequencies with rhythmic elements in the background, relaxing, meditative ambient noise perhaps. 

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