Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Orbital – Orbital (CD)

Do you feel lucky punk? Well go ahead and make my day. My day was made when I found this CD at Renaissance Montréal. Orbital, were formed by the brothers Paul & Phil Hartnoll from Sevenoaks, Kent. UK. Orbital was an English electronic dance / techno act (1991-2014). This self-titled effort is their first album. I never heard their music before. I bought this album because I knew it was electronic and at 2.00$ it`s a steal. I sit down have an ice-cold coffee put my headphones on and away we go. This is not what I expected, dance oriented techno music. It sounds terribly dated, which is normal considering it came out in 1991.   At the time, I`m sure the ravers enjoyed dancing to their music. The more I hear this the more I like it, it grows on me. I like the energy, the vibe. It makes me feel like grooving, dancing even if I`m not much of a dancer. Good old school techno. Standout tracks are; the moebius, oolaa, Chime live and Belfast. This one`s a keeper. Some info here; http://orbitalofficial.com/

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