Saturday, 14 January 2017

Angel – kalmukia (CD)

The third album from this experimental music duo of Ilpo Vaisanen (Panasonic) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Millimeter & Schneider FM). This recording came out in 2008 on Editions Mego. To be perfectly honest this is a difficult listening experience. The music sounds like abstract, droning, ambient noise (it gets loud at times) experimentations. I like to hear something non-musical, once in a while even if it leaves me with feelings of uneasiness. Angel likes to mix things up processed electric guitar / cello, loud drones, ambient noise, found sound and bells / chimes perhaps. Slow moving / ambient noise with meditative qualities. The last track `aftermath: the mutation` (12.57 minutes) simply took my head off; ritualistic, meditative ambient noise (it made me chill-out dude). Some info here:

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