Friday, 13 January 2017

Poopy Necroponde – burlap (CD)

Matt Lindsay is a Cleveland, Ohio, USA do it yourself punk / metal / noise musician. His music / noise resume is huge. He played / sang with Boy In Love, Breathilizor, Dingus, Doktor Bitch, Fossil Fuel, Funerary Box, Pontius Pirate, Poopy Dys, Prosthetic Youth, School Of Dicks, Shit Fried Walnuts, The Lettuce Vultures, The Snack Food Association, The TV Watchers, Zitsquatch and finally Sockeye. This is a rather short seven songs album (33.39 minutes). The music moves between doom metal, hard rock, rock & roll and heavy blues. My standout track of the day
5 – Flag waver (4.36) = blues influenced hard rock, imagine a crossover between old ZZ Top and Sonic Youth perhaps. Contact:
Reality Impaired Recordings
1265 E, Sunset CT


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