Monday, 27 February 2017

Hiroshima Yeah! # 144 – February 2017 (zine)

Man I love this four pager, black & white, photocopied, cut & paste monthly zine. I like to read this while having a pint of Hoegaarden, a glass of white wine. Unfortunately I`m writing this on my lunchtime so coffee it is. On the first page there`s poetry from `the ragged end of nowhere`. My favorite pieces of the moment are
Most mornings
Most mornings,
Before work,
I would sit
Hunched over
A coffee,
Waiting for you
To pass.
Then I would
Watch you
Down the street.
Now it`s me
Who has
And I wonder
If you`ve even
Monday morning commute
They surge forward,
A monstrous zombie horde,
In their pursuit of caffeine
And getting to work on time.
If you pause,
Even for a moment,
You will be swept away
Or trampled underfoot.
This isn`t just
The Monday morning commute,
This is the very essence
Of modern life itself.
But, on their own,
They lose some of their powers.
On their own,
They are easier to kill.
Simply beautiful. Gary Simmons provides us with `14.82 billion years of hell `his insane, psychotronic, punk as fuck monthly musings. There`s some music, books and concert reviews (Mexrrissey – ABC, Glasgow, 25th January 2017). We end it all with another weird, odd short story `zips, eyeliner, warehouse `written by, you`ve got it all right Mark Ritchie himself. You want some, come get some:

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