Monday, 27 February 2017

Marc Leclair – musique pour 3 femmes enceintes (CD)

It was a cold Sunday afternoon. I was at Renaissance Montréal looking at their huge second hand CD`s. I got lucky that day. I found a bunch of sealed Mutek_rec CD`s. Mutek_rec is the accompanying label of Montréal Mutek festival. The first album from Marc Leclair AKA; Narod Niki, Anna Kaufen, Akufen, David Scott, Horro Inc., Noiz Slack-R, Reno Disco and Juicebox. This is interesting Marc mixes electronica, techno, IDM, glitch with as good dose of minimalism. The end result`s a peaceful sonic voyage in the land of electronic minimalism. It feels like you`re at the beach, lying in the sand, a nice and warm wind passes through your body. Your chilling out, relaxing then you kiss your girlfriend on the neck. You`re daydreaming, wake up and get back to work. Fortunately the music`s still there. My standout tracks are
6 – 116ième jour (9.20 minutes) = acoustic guitar mixed with minimal IDM, good stuff.
8 – 205ième jour (6.33 minutes) = funky, almost disco minimal IDM, simply beautiful.
9 – 236ième jour (8.10) = funky IDM with a party feel. More info here:

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