Saturday, 4 February 2017

Various – Montréal sound matter – Montréal matière sonore (CD)

I got this at Renaissance Montréal for the usual fee 2.00$. This album was produced for the Montréal sound matter / Montréal matière sonore exhibition at the Darling foundry (from 7th July to 27th August 2006), organized by quartier éphémère visual art center. The music consists of field recordings, which are often processed beyond recognition. The willing participants add up elements of noise, musique concrete, electroacoustic, found sound, ambient noise, some type of controlled banging, sparrow sounds, processed lo-fi noise, rumblings, voice, lo-fi grindings and some industrial noise as well. The result sounds like peaceful, almost meditative experimental cacophony i.e. a sonic stew / jambalaya if you will. There`s eight artists (56.54 minutes) on this CD. They are; Hélène Prévost, Steve Heimbecker, Louis Dufort, Tomas Philips, Chantal Dumas, A_Dontigny, Francisco Lopez and Mathieu Lévesque. Some info here:

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