Monday, 27 February 2017

Plastikman – artifakts (BC) (CD)

This is Richie Hawtins fifth album. It came out in 1998 on M_Nus. There`s a special mention on the cover BC which means before consumed (his fourth album). Both recordings came out in 1998. It seems Consumed was released before Artifakts. Anyways it`s irrelevant. I`ve been hearing this CD all week long and I can`t get it out of my player / head. The arrangements are subtle, it`s looks and sounds perfect. There`s seven songs (with a long 20.26 ghost track) on this recording (73.29 minutes). The music blends techno, acid, electronic with a good dose of minimalism. Minimalism never felt that good before. Highly recommended. Check this out:           

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