Monday, 27 February 2017

Sleeper – the crawlspace feat.ID (CD)

I got a parcel this week from Stan Boman (Reality Impaired Recordings) with some nice CDs inside. There`s minimal information regarding this band named Sleeper, except they`re from Kansas. This is my first listening experience. The band lineup is basic; guitar, bass, drums with some vocals sometimes (or voice samples). I`ve been listening to a lot of electronic music lately. I like some variety in my sonic menu. This is a challenging, interesting but hard to describe album, the music is all over the place. It feels like some unfinished jam sessions. Here, let me give you an idea. We have some ambient noise dirges (done with electric guitar), grungy, dirty guitar works, heavy sludge with vocals, lo-fi experimental space noise continuum, hip hop with sludgecore, abrasive instrumentations, ambient noise with dub elements thrown in, a slow, yet relentless attack of the senses. Imagine a drunk & stone jam session with (in no particular order); Tad, Sonic youth, Alice In Chains, Earth, Cyanosis, old Controlled Bleeding , Skin Chamber , Revolting Cocks with some electroacoustic on the side, you get the drill. Not for everybody.  I like it.                                                   

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