Saturday, 4 February 2017

Various – celestial journey II – the legends of space & ambient music (CD)

I found this stuck between two Beatles album at Renaissance Montréal. This compilation came out on rising star in 1997. Did I mention it cost me a mere 2.00$. the CD contains tracks from the likes of Keven Braheny & Tim Clark, Tangerine Dream, Patrick O`Hearn, Christopher Franke, Andreas Vollenweider, Dik Darnell, Mars Lasar, Steve Mcdonald, Constance Demby, Harold Budd & Brian Eno and Jonn Serrie (11 tracks = 56.05 minutes). When it comes to electronic music, I`m open to almost anything, I`ll listen to anything. That doesn`t mean I like everything I hear. Such is the case. The music at hand didn`t age well at all, it sounds kitsch and dated. It`s a mixture of: ambient, electronic and modern classical compositions. Fortunately, I found a couple of amazing pieces. I`ll transfer them on my mp3 player, then I`ll give this album away, do you feel lucky punk? Go ahead and make my day (apologies Clint), and my standout tacks are:
2 – Tangerine Dream – mothers of rain (4.59 minutes) = amazing spacy, new age, downtempo.
5 – Andreas Vollenweider – night fire dance (4.56 minutes) = happy go lucky modern classical electronic music.
11 – Jon Serrie – mystery road (5.59 minutes) = peaceful, meditative, relaxing, spacy ambience.   

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