Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mika Vainio – onko (CD)

This is Mika Vainio, one-half of the minimal electronic music duo Panasonic (along Ilpo Vaisanen) solo music project. Onko came out in 1997 on Touch (a UK record label founded in 1982). I have a couple of Mika`s solo albums. Everything I hear his music, I have the same reaction. A difficult, challenging, but worthwhile listening experience. There`s four tracks (67.28 minutes) which are
1 – Kelvin (8.50 minutes) = subtle ambient noise minimalism, amazing.
2 – Jos (6.03 minutes) = electronic tones / frequencies slowly / subtly moving / shifting / going into meditative ambient noise territory.
3 – Onko parts 1-11 (36.24 minutes) = a long evolving piece with subtle shifting movements of ambient static perhaps + lo-fi hums + minimal electronics + rhythmic industrial noise + more lo-fi hums + noisy drones + short rhythmic drones + ambient noise + more minimal electronics + a stripped-down tribal beat with soft ambience near the end.
4 – Viher (green / cellular) (16.11 minutes) = a long shifting drone track. An interesting album if you can find it.    

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